What Are Las Vegas Escort Prices

No one can say specifically what it costs to get the service of an escorts in Las Vegas; this is because the price is determined by several factors, principal of which are the service provider and the escort in question. Some service providers or escort agencies charge high for their services, and some escorts can be more expensive than others. The length of time spent by the escort when meeting your needs also determines how much she will charge. The amount charged for day services differ from the amounts charged for night services; the amount charged for weekend services also differ considerably.

What they charge

Some escorts in Las Vegas charge as high as $200 per hour. Some of these escorts charging up to $200 for one hour service may charge up to $400 or even $500 per hour if you need their services for up to two hours at a stretch. The same set of escorts will also charge you up top $800 if you need their services for all nights; the cost for all nights can equally go as high as $2,000. Would you like to have their services for the weekend, you may have to pay as much as $4,000. If care is not taken, the price for weekend services can go as $8,000. As hinted earlier, the actual price is determined by the individual escort and the service provider or agency where the escort is registered.

Other determining factors

Furthermore, the kind of activity you need the escort to carry out can determine how much the escort charges you; some activities do not cost much, while there are some other sets of activities that will make the escort increase the fee. Do you want the escort to travel out of Las Vegas with you? Then you may end up paying much for the escort’s service. Do not forget that traveling cost will include things like all expenses that are associated with the said trip, like transportation, airfare or train fare. You will have to add these costs to the regular amount the escort will charge you for the services. If the escort is to travel out of Las Vegas, you may also have to give her shopping stipend, which will further add to the final amount you have to pay for her services. However, the amount of sopping stipend varies, and it is negotiable.

Aside from the points mentioned above, one other point that determines how much an escort charges you in Las Vegas is the quality of services the escorts do offer. You may find these prices to be higher than what obtains in several other cities, but do not also forget that life in Las Vegas is expensive. So, the high cost of escorts can be excused. Then, the standard obtainable here is higher than what obtains in several other cities in the United States.

Setting the price

There are times the price would be set by the escort ahead of time, and there are times you can discuss the price with the escort when the two of you meet. If the latter is the case, then you can always discuss with the escort and find out how much she charges for her services. Then, you can equally ask what she would charge for certain extra services. You can decide at this point which additional service you can afford before the two of you strike a deal. Such discussion can help prevent misunderstanding during and after her services. Never be afraid to ask her any question; never consider any question to be too awkward to ask her; it is in the interest of peace and understanding. If you feel the escort is not in the right position to answer any of the questions, you can always direct your question to the agency she works for.

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